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Called to Care


Called to Care is a ministry at First Church that focuses on providing support to those in our congregation and to those associated with it.  The Called-to-Care Team provides ministry to those who are home bound or semi-home bound; those with medical situations (hospitalization, rehab and recovery) and their families; those who have suffered a loss; and others in need.

You may participate in this ministry in a number of ways:  Be a Visitor - visitors will receive training and be able to discern what category of visitation is right for them; Be a Called-to-Care Angel - angels deliver specific resources to those being served by this ministry; Be a Resource Provider - the Called-to-Care ministry relies on donations and contributions from those in our congregation such as cards, baked goods, food items, and other supplies; and Be a member of the Called-to-Care Steering Committee that organizes and coordinates this ministry.

For more information, please contact the church office.

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