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Donate to First Church

The ministries of First Church are made possible by gifts from people like you!  Below is a listing of some of the church funds that your donations will support:


  • General Operating Fund: Gifts to this fund support the church's operating budget. This fund enables us to maintain the building, support programs, pay salaries and do outreach work in the community and around the globe. 

  • Pastor's Discretionary Fund: This Fund helps members and local people who run into tough times.  This fund allows us to help with short-term emergencies and extend our caring in concrete ways.  Because of your generosity, someone didn’t get their power turned off, didn’t go hungry, or was able to deal with an emergency.

There are several options to donate.

  • PayPal online contributions can be made by clicking here.

  • Checks can be made payable to The First Church of Monson and sent by mail or brought to the church office.

  • Automatic withdrawals can be made Weekly or monthly from your bank account, please click here.

  • Cash Donations can be put in any church service offertory.

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