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Our History

The First Church of Monson, or The Congregational Church, was organized on June 23, 1762 with 24 members, two years after the town separated from Brimfield.  Click here to see a pamphlet outlining the churches first 225 year history that was published in 1987.


The first meeting house was built on the hill overlooking the center of town.  A more substantial building was built in 1803.  This building was used until 1871, when it was sold and moved down the hill and across Main Street.  Known as Green’s Hall, it was used for commercial space and social gatherings until it burned in 1895.  It can be seen on the left side of the street in the c.1892 photo below. 



The present-day church was built in 1873.   The original steeple fell in 1877 but was replaced and can be seen in this 1892 photo.  The Johnson and Son Pipe Organ was also installed in 1892.



The steeple was partially destroyed in the 1938 hurricane.  In 1939, the sections above the belfry were replaced with a similar, but not identical steeple.



In August 1955, the town sustained heavy damage from flooding, including a massive rockslide from Ely Road, which covered the entire area in front of the church in boulders.  A photograph of the scene, taken from around this spot, was published in newspapers across the country.


Fifty years later, on June 1, 2011 a tornado destroyed the steeple again.


In July of 2021, the First Church of Monson entered into a partnership with the Silver Street Chapel Society to use the Silver Street Chapel for religious events and services.  Church Councill approved using the chapel for small group activities and services for adults and children.  A Blessing of the Chapel occurred on July 25, 2021.



From August 2021 to May 2022, a restoration project was completed on the Wm. Johnson & Son Opus 781, 1892 pipe organ.  You can see a detailed presentation here Organ Restoration Presentation.



Today, as you can see in this 2024 picture, the church steeple has been replaced.  The new steeple is virtually identical to the one built in 1939 after the hurricane of 1938.  This steeple is compatible with the cell phone antennas that are located inside.

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